There is an ironing fairy

If you know little bear you will know that he is not very good at things like ironing shirts. While big bear is good at ironing shirts big bear does not like to iron shirts because it is a boring job.

Now, between them big and little bear get through lots and lots of shirts every week, and every shirt needs to be ironed nice and flat so the bears look their best for their school-jobs and people take them seriously and everything. Which is a problem.

The big bear got bored of the ironing, and no shirts where ironed for quite a long time. Then the bears were all crumpled at school, and that was not good.

Little bear thought long and hard, and went on the search for something that would do the ironing magically. But the answer came when little bear was not really thinking very hard at all. It was one day when little bear was dancing and singing around the house that little bear discovered the ironing fairy.

The ironing fairy is a magical creature that appears when the little bear does the ironing fairy dance, and then irons the shirts. The ironing fairy dance is a dance when the little bear bobbles up and down on the spot and makes a funny face and bends his arms and waves his elbows in the air. It is a very silly dance!

Sometimes the ironing fairy likes it when little bear does the ironing fairy dance in the middle of the ironing job to keep the ironing fairy magic working.

The ironing fairy looks just like the big bear but the ironing fairy is not the big bear, oh no.

The ironing fairy is most definitely not the big bear doing household jobs because little bear is very cute when he dances, oh no indeedy oh no.

Little bear makes phone apps

Big bear tells little bear he loves him by giving him snuggles. As well as snuggles the big bear gives the little bear lots of little kisses and strokes and messages that tell the little his big loves him all day long.

Little bear tells the big bear that he loves him too. But little bear has found a new way to show the big bear that he loves him. The little bear has started to make little apps for the big bears phone.

The first app was of a pussy cat that the goes meow when you stroke its face. When the big bear makes the pussy meow it makes the big bear have a big smile.

The second app that the little bear made was of a moley mole that popped up and down on the screen. And when the big bear mashes the moley mole on its head it makes a "oooww" sound and the big bear gets a point. The big bear likes to get high scores mashing moles and it makes the big bear have a great big smile.

The last app that the little bear made for the big bear was not on the big bears phone. It was on the little bears phone. It had a list of things that the little bear likes to say to the big bear, things like "love you my b" and "ooo ooo" and "love you my beezle bummage", and all sorts of things like that.

Then this last app does a clever thing, whenever the little bear presses a button it chooses a random thing that little bear likes to say to the big bear, and puts it in a text message, and sends it to the big bear, all with the press of just one button!

So it is easy for the little bear to tell the big bear he loves him, and the big bear gets lots more messages, which is lovely. Clever little bear!

3 thing bear relationship

There are three things in the Bears' relationship.

One thing in the relationship is the Big Bear, and one thing in the relationship is the Little Bear, and one thing in the relationship is the Gadget that Little Bear is playing with at the time.

Some times the Gadget is a little machine that plays games in your hand, and some times it is a big machine that plays games on the television, and some times it is a computer on your lap, and some times it is a computer on the table and lots and lots of the time it is a little mobile telephone that does lots of clever clever things.

And the Big Bear is a bit jealous of the gadget that the little bear is playing with at the time, because it takes away time that the little bear could be fussing over the Big Bear, and so the big bear goes grump grump grump.

Big Bear knows really that the Gadget is not there for a very long time before it is changed to another Gadget that does new things that the Little Bear has not done yet.

And the Big Bear knows that the Little Bear never wants to change his Big Bear for another one.

The Bears have a Laundry Man and a Kim

The Bears have a Laundry Man and a Kim. Laundry Man and Kim are very special people who make things better for the Big Bear and the Little Bear.

Laundry Man visits once a week and takes great big bags of smelly things made of cloth. He then does something with them that is magic overnight, and they come back the next day, all clean and folded and smelling of lovelyness.

Kim makes the bears den all lovely. She comes in in the morning, and goes away again before lunch time and more magic things have happened. All the den is clean and lovely everywhere and there is no mess at all.

Big and Little Bear have no idea how Laundry Man and Kim do it. Perhaps they went to a special school where they learned magic things. Big bear and Little Bear did not go to that school for certain. When Big and Little Bear try to to do those jobs not very happyness happens!

Lots of the Bears freinds think that Big and Little are silly for having a Laundry Man and a Kim. But really the Bears don't care what other people think about having them, because Laundry Man and Kim are very special and help Big and Little Bear lots, so they have more time for snuggling.